Social Economy 4Ces

This EU Erasmus Plus network project builds on Connected societies, knowledge Co-creation, Community development, Collaborative educational practices and aims to mobilise those under the Social Economy (SE) framework.

Our project introduces the SE Living-Labs as spaces for interaction, collaboration and knowledge co-creation between all stakeholders (Higher Education Institutions, Social Economy organisations, students, teachers, community members) involved in the 4 pilot countries (Spain, Italy, Greece and UK).

The aims of the SE 4Ces are to learn new ways of effective collaboration among HEIs and SE organisations through co-creation of knowledge and experiences and build sustainable partnerships to address a community development approach with the active contribution of students and community.

We also want to implement new educational approaches by: promoting the principles of SE itself (public engagement, connectivity, inclusiveness, participatory governance) starting from the design of the post-graduate programme itself; designing a multi-disciplinary, challenge/goal-driven programme based on co-creation of knowledge.

Research lead: Professor Martin Parker

Research partners: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Stimmuli for Social Change, Greece; University of Bristol (UoBristol), UK; University of Bologna (UNIBO), Italy; Associazione Italiana per la promozione della Cultura della Cooperazione e del Non-Profit (A.I.C.CO.N), Italy; FEDERATION EUROPEENNE DE FINANCES ET BANQUES ETHIQUES ET ALTERNATIVES (FEBEA), Belgium; Cooperatives Europe asbl (COOPEU), Belgium; UNIVERSITAT AUTONOMA DE BARCELONA (UAB), Spain; ANAPTYXIAKI KARDITSAS ANAPTYXIAKI ANONIMI ETAIRIA O.T.A. (AN. KA SA), Greece.

Funded by: EU

Start/end dates: 2021-2023