We are working with Bristol to build a green and fair economy.

We engage in research with businesses, local and regional government and third sector networks committed to environmentally sustainable and inclusive business practices.

We work together to understand the forms of governance, finance, technology, innovation and economic participation which can tilt the regional economy in the direction of inclusive, equitable and low carbon business ecosystems.

This means understanding and encouraging patterns of employment that reflect the diverse population of the region; fair and democratic forms of business ownership and control; and carbon reduction strategies in all aspects of organisational practice.

Based in a civic university, our work necessarily includes considering the role of education and training in assessing current practices, disseminating our research and encouraging new ways of thinking and acting.

Our goals

By co-producing research and education with our partners in the city region, our goals are:

• To support businesses and organisations to work towards zero carbon emissions and ecological diversity.
• To assist projects that produce an inclusive economy and just transition.
• To encourage the growth of democratic organisations, businesses and networks.

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