Accounting and the Challenge of Sustainability

Sustainability challenges organisations to break from ‘business as usual’, to critically re-evaluate how they create and allocate profit.  The project explores how accounting and management techniques that may often focus organisations on narrow economic aims, such as cost targets and budgeting, could be mobilised to promote the critical and creative thinking that could shape more sustainable modes of organisation

The members of worker co-operatives and social movements may be better able to develop such practices than the members of conventional organisations.  A focus on these alternative organisations may therefore offer wider insights about the possibilities and pitfalls of developing more sustainability modes of organisation more generally. The project takes a collaborative approach, framed around workshops with co-operative networks in North America and the UK.

Related publications: 'Accounting and the challenge of sustainability,' Accounting, organizations and Society (revise and resubmit).

Research lead: Dr Alice Bryer

Supported by: School of Accounting and Finance, University of Bristol

Start/end dates: Jan 2019 -