We are participating in an experiment to connect ‘asks’ and ‘offers’ across Bristol. Using 50 UoB and UWE students to collect the asks, and two UoB interns to make the connections, we hope to be able to connect 100 third sector organisations with people, businesses and networks who can help support their mission.

AskingBristol wants to democratise asking and giving so that the smallest voluntary group has the same opportunities to ask for support as the largest charity. AskingBristol makes it much easier to match askers with givers. This opens up asking to all charities and voluntary/community groups in Bristol and at the same time opens up giving to all individuals, organisations and businesses.

There are six different categories of ask: things given, things lent, spaces lent, volunteering hours, specialised expertise and advice, and money. 

Here is a video of Schumacher Institute event from March 2022 discussing Asking Bristol.

Key research questions: Is it possible to use students to create a network which creates a hyper-connected city? What sorts of connections can we make, and how enduring can they become?

Research lead: Professor Martin Parker

Research partner: John Manley, ex High Sheriff of Bristol

Funded by: The High Sheriffs Charity

Start/end dates: Spring-Summer 2021